We are a beekeeping operation located in the DeBolt area of the Peace River Region, forty miles from Grande Prairie.   We have been producing honey products for 25 years.   Our current goal is to bring the high quality honey that is produced in our region directly to the consumer.   Our speacialty is a white creamed honey that is only produced in the Peace River Region.   All of our candles are 100% beeswax and contain no colour or paraffin additives.   All of our honey is our own and is not mixed with honey from any other producers.

   The honey you purchase from us is gathered from the Peace River Region of Northern Alberta.   An area famous for it's rich agricultural setting.   Our honey is of the highest quality.

   As beekeepers we would like to take credit for this, but the real reasons are due to our northern climate and forage available to our bees.   The combination of our long days and millions of clover blossoms make for a delicately flavoured "white" honey that is preferable over the darker and stronger flavoured honey produced in most areas of the world.   It is for this reason we recommend our white creamed honey.